Italian Classic Piano Made in Italy

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Grand Classical Piano By Modenese Gastone (Model ID # PI0001)


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  • Model ID: PI0001
  • Baroque , Italian Style

A Classic piano full of history revived thanks to an enlightened vision of Paris Modena, designers and marketing managers of Modenese Gastone. A dream come true, the Time stands still and the ancient sound of the solid spruce soundboard of hovering in the air again time, but with a new balance of shapes, colors, notes.
The skilled hands of Italian craftsmen, products of a secular culture in the art of furniture, They donated to the floor a natural elegance. The wealth of gold inlays accompanied by a white background with a delicate floral design, guide the eye of the light shapes. The pomp that does not oppress then, and like the phoenix rising from the ashes, the old floor transmits all the nobility of materials and profiles. Modenese Gastone gives so His vision of music and art in one single piece adorned the highest quality made in Italy.


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