Classic Carving Panels in Gold or Walnut

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Hand carved Furniture Panels by Signorini


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  • Italian Style
  • Furniture Rate: 10
  • Interior Rate: 10

Country of origin: Italy
Factory manufacturer: Signorini & Coco Mobili

All exterior parts in view of our furniture, as front; sides or lids are made ​​from walnut, plywood or blockboard veneered with walnut prized seat cover National 10/10 or European cherry 10/10 with inlays performed manually by skilled craftsmen in layers according to the ancient tradition of craftsmanship. They are constructed of wood with characteristics of resistance, ease of processing, which are hardness also part of the wood stain Mediterranean as, ash and beech. The use of one of these materials at the other place is determined by factors evaluated by technical-constructive Our technicians based on their years of experience the industry to always guarantee duration in time and aesthetics. The internal sides, bases and covers are made of honeycomb with solid wood frame and panels with resoling of 4 mm. thick that ensure stability and durability over time, all veneered with pouch, Tanganyika 6/10 ..All furniture is manufactured and assembled with techniques used in ancient woodwork adapted to the various characteristics of the different types of furniture, to ensure that does not cause problems over time. The movements of the wood that you may come to manifest over the years, giving rise to small cracks on various components, are to be considered a quality of Mobile and not a defect, since they ensure that the use of solid wood that being a natural body is subject movements due to climate change that is exposed. To this end, however, it is advisable not to expose the cabinet to direct sources of heat.The inlaid parts of our products, as above described, are made entirely by hand by craftsmen who are still running the machining of a time to give life to these inlays that make fine furniture even with the small imperfections that come from dexterity.

The shades of coloring of the furniture are carefully and selected by the union of the taste of the designer from
period and style of the furniture, the knowledge of technicians and skilled workers who can paint through this valuable mix of thoughts to express the best for our furniture. The coloring is via water-based paints and then moved on to paint nitrolacca and coatings that allow to emphasize the wood leaving him breathe “open pore”. The final stage of polishing is done using paints shellac finish, with subsequent use of wax bee applied and polished with wool rags.


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