Italian Golden Royal Classic real palace rooms

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Golden Bedroom By Fratelli Allievi (Model ID # GO001B)


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  • Model ID: GO001B
  • Italian Style , Louis XV

Italian classic bedroom furniture Fratelli Allievi – real palace rooms era ages 18-19 . Collection literally suffers in times of romantic Italy , filled with inspiration , majestic beauty and luxury. Pleasant golden- beige shades , delicate lace and air cushions fill the space with harmony and ease. Feel the comfort and ergonomics of a soft double bed , surrender pleasant memories , rocking in a rocking chair , and feel the delight of touching the noble materials. Enjoy the beautiful collection at the Salon furniture and light MODUL! And in order to strengthen a pleasant experience , we are announcing a sale of Italian bedroom furniture and we give you a discount on the entire royal set Fratelli Allievi!

Set of bedroom furniture includes: Bed with bedside tables ( 2 pieces), mother of pearl inlay – Locker Baroque – Design rocking chair – Table – box.

Royal era palace with luxurious decoration is long gone , but the spirit of pomp and grandeur of the rich private apartments still present in the collections of Italian designers. A series of classic bedroom furniture from factory Fratelli Allievi – is no exception , and the proof of how closely intertwined may be centuries-old history and modern technology. Collection will take you to the romantic epoch of Italy pierced inspiration , limitless beauty and elegance . Pleasant golden- beige shades , delicate lace and air cushions fill the space with harmony and ease.

Set of bedroom furniture incorporates the traditional furnishings, borrowed from these royal chambers bed with bedside tables , dressing table and a miniature puff – box table , chest of drawers in the Baroque style , and designer rocking chair and floor lamp . Unity of style and composition of all elements of the collection will realize the genuine atmosphere of your bedroom early Italy.


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Fratelli Allievi

Fratelli Allievi Italian Furniture
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