Pink Classic Style Italian Bedroom Set

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Pandaro Bed Room Set by Asnaghi Interiors Furniture


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  • Italian Style
  • Furniture Rate: 10
  • Interior Rate: 10

The pink color of this classic style Italian bedroom invite relaxation or romance , the room decorated with a professional decoration ideas and creativity. The colors have meaning , white is purity love pink , yellow joy , the happiness board , gray and brown is transformation trust etc. so all ranges and chromatics . So as paints and coating textures provide more than admiration , this bed by Asnaghi Interiors furniture extend our senses when they are in harmony with everything else. the panoramic and light both natural and artificial, with light effects play an important role in the decoration , like furniture your disposal and functionality , accessories and ornaments. invite you to view photos with automatic and manual player , may enlarge if they wish .

Italian Pandora Bedroom include the following items

Bed Measurements: L: 212 P: 200 H: 150
Bedside table Dimensions: L: 70 P: 46 H: 67
Dressing table Measurements: L: 184 P: 53 H: 78
Mirror Measurements: L: 155 P: 7, H: 140
Poof Dimensions: H: 50 ∅: 55
Poof large Dimensions: H: 52 ∅: 100


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