Handicraft Tradition Classic Bed in Silver Finish

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European Bedroom EUR001B (Model ID # Italy)


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  • Model ID: Italy
  • Italian Style , Neo-classical
  • Model Year: 2015

European style furniture Classic Bed represents authority, luxury and nobleness. this item was inspired by the lofty and grand palace, the Rome basso-relievo column and the interior decoration of Victoria and Louis XIV, which all represent the grace, noble luxury of European royalty.

handicraft tradition that distinguishes us has rendered this bed famous among our High-end clients worldwide for the mastery of our craftsmen in the construction of our unique art furniture. This model identify their origin immediately becoming a guarantee of style and quality. This Bed produced with care, by blending the best of skills and materials. The selected hardwoods used include Beech, Maple, Lime, Elm, Cherry and Oak.

The insertion and the assemblage of the natural wood roots and inlays therefore the hand painted decorations are complementing the hand crafted detail so that each piece of furniture becomes, in its own way, exclusive and unrepeatable.


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Classical Interior

Classical Interior
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